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Contracts can be intricate and complex. At Agarunov Law Firm, our goal is to make the complex simple.

We represent our clients in all phases of the contract process: assessing the potential deal and any benefits and risks that may be associated with it; negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract; preparing a clear and concise contract; and making sure all parties adhere to the contract. If breach of contract occurs, we will represent clients as the defendant or the plaintiff.

The attorneys at Agarunov are experienced in evaluating and creating contracts. They make sure key components such as dispute resolution, financial obligations, responsibilities and obligations of involved parties and conditions of termination are included in the contract, and that it is written with clarity and transparency. Our objective is to minimize the risks for our clients.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the following types of contracts:

Business and corporate

The attorneys at Agarunov are experienced in handling the vast array of contracts that comprise business and corporate contracts, including partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements and the sale or merger of a business. If a business is being sold or a shareholder is selling his or her shares, we will prepare documents for transfer of shares. If the business will be financed by the seller, we will negotiate the terms, create a repayment plan and prepare the necessary agreements for financing.

Employment related

Agarunov attorneys represents employers in employment-related contracts. This includes employment and separation agreements, independent contractor agreements and non-compete agreements.

Real estate

Our attorneys will represent all parties who are involved with a real estate transaction. We will represent the buyer by reviewing, negotiating and revising the purchase contract, or seller by drawing up the contract and closing documents.

Sales related

Sales-related contracts include the purchase or sale of goods or services, bills of sale, warranties and security agreements. This includes contracts stating who will own intellectual property such as a copyright, patent or trademark.


Attorneys at Agarunov handle contracts relating to the leasing of real property and equipment. Real property leases involve renting land or buildings; contracts cover issues such as use of premises, financial obligations and rights of the landlord and tenant. Equipment leases can range from a copy machine to a piece of medical equipment; contracts cover such issues as limit of liability and equipment maintenance.

Contract negotiation

The negotiation process is what enables two parties to reach an agreement. Our experienced attorneys will make counteroffers and negotiate terms and conditions of the contract, advocating strongly for favorable terms for our clients. At Agarunov Law Firm, we are visionary. We think about potential issues that may arise and negotiate those terms in the contract in order to avoid any disputes in the future.

Breach of contract litigation

If breach of contract occurs, we will first pursue a cost-effective, no-litigation strategy. If that does not resolve the issue, we will pursue all available cost-efficient options to recover any money owed and to enforce the contract.

We represent all parties in cases where legal action is necessary. Our attorneys are uncompromising when it comes to protecting the rights and interests of our clients, either as plaintiff or defendant.

If you have additional questions or require assistance negotiating, preparing or reviewing a contract or resovling breach of contract issues please call our office at (212) 920-5989 or email