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Labor / Employment

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The laws governing the employer-employee relationship are exceedingly complex and are becoming increasingly more and more regulated. Our attorneys can help achieve positive employee relations, thus reducing the chance of costly litigation.

In the event litigation is necessary, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of a result favorable to our client. The Agarunov Law Firm defends employers in workplace disputes, breach of contract litigation and discrimination suits. We also specialize in defending employers when a labor dispute is argued before the National Relations Labor Board.

Labor relations and employment law are governed by federal and state law. The attorneys at Agarunov are licensed in the states of NY and NJ and are experienced in labor and employment law as it applies to those states. We have extensive knowledge of federal labor and employment laws and regulations.

Our attorneys are skilled in the area of labor relations. We will represent management if employees go through the process of unionization, as well as through collective bargaining negotiations, grievance proceedings and arbitration hearings. We will aggressively defend the employer if a union member claims breach of contract or in other cases of labor litigation.

The Agarunov Law Firm has extensive experience in all areas of employment law, including confidentiality issues and protection of trade secrets, sexual harassment, workplace safety and employee benefits. Our attorneys are also experienced professionals in advising and defending employers as it relates to:

Discrimination issues
  • Job discrimination
  • Age, race and gender discrimination
  • Disability or medical discrimination
Medical issues
  • Disability claims
  • Pregnancy
  • Family medical leave
  • Workers compensation cases
Employment claims
  • Wage and overtime claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Wrongful termination

Policies and procedures

At Agarunov we believe preventing disputes from occurring is as important as defending an employer in the event legal action is filed. Our attorneys will advise employers how to handle personnel and labor issues so they do not become a legal challenge. We will:
  • Help the employer create a personnel and policy and procedure manual
  • Review and update existing policies and procedures to make sure they comply with federal and state laws
  • Advise the employer as to what documentation is needed from an employee to prove a disability claim
  • Create procedures that will protect management and minimize the risk of an employee filing legal action
  • Advise the employer on health and safety issues in the workplace
Employment litigation

We will defend the employer in the event an employee sues for alleged discrimination, breach of contract or any other unfair labor practice charge. We will represent the employer at hearings, a pre-trial conference and the trial itself in the event an employee or former employee files legal action.

If you have additional questions or require assistance as it relates to a labor or employment matter please call our office at (212) 920-5989 or email