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Civil & Commercial Litigation

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Agarunov Law Firm represents businesses and individuals in civil and commercial litigation cases in New York City and New Jersey State and Federal courts. 

NJ and NYC Litigation Lawyers

Unfortunately disputes arise, disagreements occur, and sometimes this may require involvement of trial lawyers.  At this point it’s paramount to select the right legal team.   Sadly many litigation lawyers and firms unwillingly disregard the end goal.  The objective should always be to deliver superior results per dollar spent.  Commercial and Civil Litigation is just a simple math formula.  It consists of your strength in the dispute, minus your weaknesses related to the case, divided by estimated litigation costs.  This formula equals your best outcome.  Let’s face it, litigation could be costly.  It’s crucial to have a calculated, tactical and strategic plan, and flawless execution.  When you are at a point where litigation is the only recourse, efficiency and effectiveness is key.  That’s where we come in.  

Our approach to complex litigation

With years of legal and court experience, we have mastered this formula.  The lean nature of our Firm allows us to deliver results for our clients at maximum efficiency.  We have the strategic vision that sets us apart from the competition.  Our approach begins by understanding the ins and outs of your situation, audit your strengths and appraise your weaknesses.  The Firm will then implement a personalized legal plan, tailored specifically to your situation.   When it comes to litigation, one strategy does not fit all.  With the end goal in sight, the most critical stage begins.  Effective execution requires knowledge, experience, and court know-how.  Frequently our execution tactics result in favorable settlements for our clients before the case goes to trial.  However, if the case does proceed to trial, our experience allows us to skillfully navigate the New York and New Jersey State and Federal courts and deliver the desirable results to our clients. 

Areas of focus

Our New Jersey and New York City Litigation Attorneys handle a wide range of litigation matters

·         Breach of contract disputes

·         Misuse of intellectual property, such as patent, trademark and copyright infringement

·         Partnership and shareholder disputes

·         Non- compete issues

·         Fraud

·         Breach of Fiduciary duty

·         Business torts

·         Construction law and Litigation

·         Mechanic’s lien claims

·         False advertising

·         Commercial and residential real estate litigation

·         Health care litigation

·         Judgment enforcement and debt collection

·         Employment litigation, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wage disputes

·         Permanent and preliminary injunctions

·         Temporary restraining orders (TRO)


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