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Real Estate Attorney NYC

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Ask any of your friends to recommend an attorney and they most likely will. But to recommend someone who is experienced in New York or New Jersey real estate law might be more difficult. You can't imagine the amount of times our office has received calls from individuals asking to help complete their transactions, help them get out of their contracts, or return their downpayments. And the number one problem in each one of those situations was their lack of understanding of contract terms. Real estate law is more than arguing over who gets to keep appliances and lighting fixture. You need someone who understands real estate contracts, someone who is able to convey the definitions of certain legal terms to clients, and able to negotiate the terms that are right for you. Thats where we shine. So, lets be clear exactly what it is that makes us different than most other firms. From the time that you call our office for a consultation (which by the way is always free), to the time that you close, you will never deal with paralegals. All of our transactions from start to finish are handled by our New York City real estate attorneys.
We are highlighting the importance of each transaction being handled personally by the attorney for a reason. Any form you sign, whether it is an agreement to list your home with a real estate broker or an offer to purchase a property, must be clearly understood. Think about it this way, any contract or agreement which are requested for you to sign are never prepared with your interests in mind. They are always meant to protect the other party. We will never let you sign a document before we review it. Although you must understand the contract in its entirety, there are certain clauses in the contract which are more so important than others and could potentially negatively impact you in certain situations. We understand the unique challenges involved with real estate transactions and our number one objective is to protect your interests.
The next logical question on your mind should be, "Well how much do you charge for closings?" We charge a flat fee starting at $950 for all residential transactions whether you are purchasing or selling a coop, a condo, a townhouse or a multi-family house (up to a 4 family house). The closing fee is only paid if and when you close. That is very important to note. We will never charge you up front. This flat rate applies on transactions throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. You are probably thinking how can a real estate attorney that personally handles the sale or purchase from start to finish charge such a low fee. It is very simple, we hope to make a client for life and would love for you to recommend us to friends and family. At the end of the day the biggest compliment to us is your referral.
We expertly handle various types of commercial transactions. Our commercial real estate attorney has an in depth understanding of all aspects of commercial real estate, including buying and selling, commercial leasing, building and zoning codes which may affect remodeling or renovation of existing buildings, and financing. Whether you are looking to purchase commercial coop or condo, or sell a multi-unit building, we will hand hold you through every step of the way. We also advise landlords on the legal requirements involved in turning a building into a condominium or co-op. Just as for residential transactions, we charge a flat fee for commercial closings. For an exact quote please call our office (212) 920-5989.

It is extremely important to have a Real Estate Attorney NYC in your corner that understands the intricacies of real estate law and can guide you through the purchase or the sale process smoothly. Our real estate attorney offers the following:

If you are purchasing

  • Review the terms of the real estate contract and the mortgage commitment with you; explain the terms of the contract that could possibly affect you negatively.
  • Negotiate better terms for you with the seller and/or the sellers real estate attorney nyc and make any required amendments to the contract.
  • Review the inspection report completed by the home inspector and resolve all of the issues identified during the inspection with the seller and/or seller’s attorney.
  • Communicate with the seller’s Real Estate attorney NY, bank or mortgage broker, the title company and make sure that everything is prepare ahead of the closing.
  • On the day of closing, our NYC Real Estate attorney will represent you at the closing and will closely review any documents before you sign them.
If you are selling
  • Prepare the real estate contract, review it with you and negotiate favorable terms with the buyer and/or buyer’s attorney.
  • In case any issues arise, we will assist in resolving the real estate dispute prior to the closing.
  • Communicate with the buyer’s attorney.
  • At the closing, we will represent you and will carefully review any paperwork before you sign.

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

If you have a dispute which requires an experienced New York Real Estate litigation attorney, we can assist in resolving the problem. At times some issues are unpredictable and if you are in a situation where you need legal help in resolving a landlord-tenant issue, a problem with a building contractor, architect, bank or a mortgage broker, an insurance company, we can help explore all available options before pursuing legal action. At times cost efficient litigation could be the only solution. If and when legal action is deemed the best recourse, our law firm will aggressively pursue a strategy that is favorable to you.

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