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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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Real Estate Transactions

Our firm handles a wide variety of real estate transactions, including drafting contractual agreements, closings, and other matters relating to the buying and selling of condominiums, coops, multi-family homes, and commercial properties. Our New York City Real Estate Attorneys can assist in these and other transactional matters by identifying relevant legal issues under New York and New Jersey law, but also by guiding clients from a business perspective, which we have refined through years of experience in the real estate industry.
Here is what you can expect from us in your real estate transaction

If you are purchasing
  • We will review the terms of the real estate contract and the mortgage commitment with you, negotiate the terms if needed and make any required changes.
  • Help resolve any issues found by the home inspector with the seller and/or seller’s attorney.
  • Communicate with the mortgage broker or bank, seller’s lawyer, title company and make sure that everything is prepared in time for closing.
  • On day of closing, we will represent you at the closing and closely review any documents before you sign them.
If you are selling
  • Prepare the real estate contract, review it with you and negotiate the terms with the buyer and/or buyer’s attorney.
  • Assist you in resolving any issues that arise prior to the closing.
  • Communicate with the buyers NY Real Estate Attorney.
  • On day of closing, we will represent you at the closing and closely review any documents before you sign them. 

Real Estate Litigation

Despite the fact that a properly planned real estate transaction should by definition be designed to avoid litigation, the fact is that sometimes litigation is inevitable. In such cases, Real Estate Litigation Attorneys can assist in a variety of litigation-related capacities. Whether the issue relates to a latent defect, a breach of contract, real estate broker commission dispute, or a down payment issue, we can leverage years of real estate litigation experience in an effort to address the issue and prevail on the client’s behalf.  At the end of the day, Agarunov Law Firm’s wealth of knowledge and experience can facilitate a favorable outcome.
Other Real Estate Matters

Guidance in the buying and selling of real estate goes beyond merely drafting an agreement, handling a closing, or appearing in court to argue a case. An effective real estate attorney is able to advise the client from day one in order to identify the right property, avoid future problems, and keep costs down. Our NYC Real Estate Attorney provides the sort of consultative service that clients thinking long term can benefit from. With a strong command of New York and New Jersey law, as well as a great deal of experience in real estate litigation and transactions, we will be able to assist in providing effective legal representation and business guidance in your real estate endeavors from start to finish.

We handle real estate transactions and litigation cases through Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan and New Jersey.

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